Society Vacancies

Society Vacancies


Would you like to get more involved with BAFHS? - ask about volunteering for one of the roles shown below.  Please speak to Linda Serle or email:

Journal Editor

This job is definitely more ‘creative’ than ‘technical’; the Editor has one of the most interesting jobs for BAFHS, gathering and choosing articles, letters and pictures from authors for our quarterly journals and then getting them ready to send to the printer by checking spellings, grammar and general layout.  You also attend monthly committee meetings so that you can make sure members are kept informed about what is going on.    



This is the person who receives and sends communications for the society.  These days most of it is done by email but there is still the occasional letter.  The Secretary also has the important job of taking monthly committee meeting minutes so you need to be a good listener (and maybe have the ability to reduce a sermon into a sentence!).


Committee Member

Members attend monthly committee meetings offering comments advice and support.  It can be fun!  Some people are eager to express their ideas and views but equally welcome are those who quietly listen and then play a key role in helping to come to decisions.