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1. An index prepared by Ron Lewin listing occupations of  Bristol citizens the 18th century:

Download Occupationsrlewin.pdf

2. Blank members interests form for you to download and print.

Blank Members Interests form (pdf)

3. Thornbury Marriages - missing from Phillimore's Gloucestershire Vol. XV. As listed by E.A. Roe from Gloucester Bishops Transcripts.


5. Neil Dun's FreeBMD Church Cross-reference.

Neil Dun and Derek Allen have been analysing the data on the FreeBMD web site (  Many members and visitors to our research room have found this index to be a helpful aid in locating marriages at churches in Bristol and surrounding districts.  You can use this index to look up the FreeBMD reference for a marriage and there is a high probability that it will identify the church.  This can save you time and money if you live in the Bristol area (or maybe you can ask someone to do a 'look-up' for you) because you can then visit the Bristol Archives and search for it there in the parish records. This is not now a "download" but a link to Neil's website but we've left the link here by popular demand!

To access the data, visit Neil's own website at:

6. Christchurch Parish Baptisms in alphabetical order -  omitted from the index on the B&AFHS CD Bristol Diocese Baptismal Registers Vols. 11 to 14 : Index & Transcriptions 1754 - 1812.  This index includes reference data which allows you to locate the individual Christchurch transcription entries on the CD.

7. Table of parishes in and around Bristol with data included on B&AFHS CDs or our website.

8. Non Conformist Baptisms - Roman Catholic, St Joseph (later St Mary on the Quay) 1835 - 1837

In 2008 the society issued a CD - "Nonconformist Baptismal Registers in the Bristol Records Office 1754 - 1837".  The records for St Joseph 1835 - 37 were not ready when the CD was issued.  They are now available as a free downloadable .PDF file (please see note above about Adobe®Reader which you will need to read the file). When you have downloaded the file you will be able to search the document and also print it if you wish but please think of trees before you do this?.

9. Butcher, Baker, Candle Maker - Chipping Sodbury from 1795 - a downloadable index of surnames from the book

This index in .PDF format was complied by John and Val Gearing and contains 1262 surnames with relevant map references.  When you have downloaded the file you will be able to search the document and also print it if you wish (26 pages) but please think of trees before you do this?.

10. Places of Worship Past and Present in BAFHS geographic area (the former county of Avon 1974-1996) 

 This list of places of worship is an incomplete but ongoing project. It is offered here as an aid for research purposes, particularly for family historians, but also for anyone else who benefits from using the data. Hopefully, you will find it useful.

It has been produced from many sources and was originally based on a detailed piece of work relating to Bristol by one of our members, Keith Howell, who does not live locally and who was seeking help in completing it. Further research has uncovered more demolished or defunct places of worship and further detailed information has been added to the record from multiple sources including the Bristol Archives, Bristol Diocesan Board of Finance, Bath and Wells Diocesan Board of Finance, the Reece Winstone Archives, Shirley Hodgson and other Members of BAFHS, and also from many books about churches and other places of worship.

This information is not held up to be comprehensive or totally accurate. Much of the local knowledge to validate the record is beyond living memory. There is also a problem with understanding what the dates represent. For example, dates relating to the closure of places of worship vary according to different perceptions of ‘closure’, eg. is it the date of the last service, the day the doors closed or the day the relevant authority ceased to have formal involvement with the property?

The record may never be 100% complete or totally up-to-date and will always be open to amendments. We would like to hear from you with any additions, or corrections, which can be validated. Please send to

11. (a) Bristol Burgesses 1525 - 1557

Roger Price augments our Bristol Burgess CD with this valuable transcription of early Burgess records calendared from the Corporation's great audit books


11. (b) Missing Bristol Burgesses 1599 - 1607

Roger Price augments our Bristol Burgess CD with these records missing from the Burgess books calendared from the Corporation's great audit books.


11. (c) Bristol Temple Church Marriages 1558 - 1753

Roger Price makes available his collation and transcription work covering marriage records from the earliest registers of Temple Church (holy cross), Bristol.


11.(d) Bristol St James Church Marriages 1559 - 1753

Roger Price makes available his collation and transcription work covering marriage records from the earliest registers of St James Church, Bristol

11.(e) Bristol Marriage Licence Bonds 1701-1710

Roger Price makes available his index of Bristol Marriage Bonds 1701-10

11.(f) Bristol Cathedral Marriages 1615 - 1753

Roger Price makes available his collation and transcription work from the early record of Bristol Cathedral. 

12. Strays

These 'strays' are people born or who usually lived in the former county of Avon (Bristol, Bath, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire) but have been found (often by chance) in another county or country. The names were taken from many different sources such as baptismal, marriage and death registers, newspapers and monumental inscriptions.

13. Bristol Royal Infirmary In-Patient Index 1750 - 1775

The Bristol Infirmary was instituted as a charity in 1735 and opened the doors to its newly built premises in 1737. In the national context it was one of the earliest of the major hospitals and as such it admitted patients from a very wide area; all over Somerset, Gloucestershire and well into Wales.  From the very first day in 1737 records of admission were kept of all the patients that were treated.  This index was compiled by Gordon and Barbara Faulkner, long-standing members of the Society, and our thanks are due to them.

14. Arnos Vale Cemetery Crematorium Cloister Transcriptions

The crematorium was opened at Arnos Vale cemetery, Bristol in 1928 when a cloister wall was built to display memorials. Between then and the early 1950's it was filled with almost 1000 memorials to just under 1400 individuals. This document contains an alphabetical index and transcriptions of all the memorials that remained in 2016. A few are no longer readable and 17 memorial plaques are either missing or blank. When the cloister was full a book of remembrance was opened although names continued to be added to existing memorials in the cloister.  The books of remembrance may be viewed at the cemetery and scans of the pages are also available on line via the cemetery website



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