Journals Index

These two indexes are designed to help you find articles and references to family names in the Bristol & Avon Family History Society Journal since its first edition in Autumn 1975.

Use the first index to look for family names.  Each entry gives the Journal number, issue date and the page number.  In addition, the ‘type’ field gives you an idea of the section of the Journal e.g. ‘help wanted’ or ‘Where do I go from Here?’ (WDIGFH) and a name with ‘AI’ next to it indicates that the journal entry includes additional information but note that this could be just a small amount – or much more!

If names in articles were deliberately changed for some reason by the original author then these names have been excluded for the index.

Journals Index of Family Names

Use the second index to look for article titles or subject matter.  Each entry lists the title or a description of the article content, the name of the author, the journal number, issue date and page number.  The ‘type’ field tells you if the entry refers to an article, a review or an internet reference.

Note that Web sites referred to in the ‘On the Internet’ series were current when the articles were originally written but may no longer be available.

Journals Index of Article Titles

There is a complete set of the Journals in our Research Room at the Bristol Record Office.